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What applies to ANCI Sport?


ANCI Sport has been operating in the sports industry since 2021 by focusing on online sales via These general terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply when you as a consumer ("Customer") place an order via the website and related pages (the "Website"). ANCI Sport reserves the right to final sales and any image and writing errors on the Website, such as errors in product description or technical specification, incorrect prices and price adjustments (such as changed prices from suppliers, currency changes) or incorrect information regarding whether an item is in stock. ANCI Sport reserves the right to correct any such errors and to change or update the information at any time. The website, and all content on it, is owned by ANCI Sport. The information is protected by law with regard to e.g. copyright, marketing and trademarks. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information about products, services and other content may not be copied or used without the prior written consent of ANCI Sport themselves.



When ordering via the Website, the prices stated on the Website apply. All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK) and include applicable VAT, currently 25%, 12% or 6% depending on the type of item that the Customer orders. Prices do not include payment or delivery fees, which are stated separately. The prices stated at the Customer's order time apply throughout the purchase process. If the Customer has chosen delivery via one of our partners 'delivery points and partners' home packages, a delivery fee will be added. Applicable shipping costs are reported on the Website at checkout under the heading Shipping. All fees include VAT. No other taxes or fees will be added.



In order to make a purchase via the Website, the Customer must accept the Terms. By accepting the Terms, the Customer undertakes to comply with the Terms, and agrees that he has read the information about personal data below and consented to the use of cookies according to ANCI sport Cookie policy. A purchase agreement, for which these Terms are applied, is entered into only when ANCI Sport has confirmed in writing to the Customer's e-mail address stated by the Customer (the "Order Confirmation") and the Customer has received the Order Confirmation from ANCI Sport. ANCI Sport urges the Customer to save this Order Confirmation for any contacts with ANCI Sports customer service. ANCI Sport sends out an order confirmation to the specified email address from the time you have approved and sent your order to us. If you have any questions, contact ANCI Sport The Customer confirms that the information that the Customer fills in is correct and completely filled in. Customer is responsible for incorrectly filled in information. Information about ANCI Sports' processing of personal data can be found in section 10 below, which is part of these Terms. The Customer undertakes to ensure that no one other than the Customer can use the Customer's login information. The customer must not reveal the username and password of any unauthorized person and must ensure that the document with information about the username and password is stored in such a way that the unauthorized person cannot access the information. The Customer must immediately notify ANCI Sport if it can be suspected that an unauthorized person knows the Customer's password. If ANCI Sport suspects that the Customer is abusing their user account or login information or otherwise violates the Terms, ANCI Sport has the right to suspend the Customer. ANCI Sport also has the right to assign the Customer new login information.



Delivery of goods in stock takes place within three (3) to five (5) working days to the partner's delivery points. The time is counted from the time ANCI Sport confirmed the order in writing through the Order Confirmation. In the event of a delay, the Customer has the right to cancel the purchase. Refunds will then be made within fourteen (14) days from the time the Customer has announced the decision to cancel the purchase. During high season (e.g. black-friday and christmas time) the delivery time may be slightly longer. ANCI Sport receives and delivers all orders in the order they arrive at ANCI Sport. Packages are primarily picked up in person with valid identification and order number. If you want to pick up another person's package, both their IDs are shown. The customer always receives a notification that shows where and when packages are to be picked up. Notification is sent via e-mail and, if the Customer has provided a mobile number, also via free SMS. Only in exceptional cases is notification sent via regular mail.



Customers can pay for their order via ANCI Sports' partner Shopify Payments ("Shopify Payments"). With Klarna Checkout, you can choose to trade against card payment, invoice, account invoice / partial payment, or direct payment. Klarna invoice When you pay via Klarna invoice, you shop safely and easily. You never have to provide your card details, and always pay after you have received your goods.
  • Always get the item home before you pay
  • Payment period - always 14 days
  • You never have to give out card details
  • Always 14 days right of withdrawal in accordance with the Distance and Home Sales Act *
  • Download your invoices from
  • Possibility of partial payment
If payment is not made, a reminder fee of SEK 50.00 and default interest of 26.00% will be added. At the time of purchase, a credit check is performed, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. Then you will receive a copy of the credit information by post. Personal data is handled in accordance with current legislation. Klarna processes personal data for the purpose of performing customer analysis, identification, credit control and marketing. Social security numbers are used as customer numbers for customer management purposes. Does not apply to all goods and services, e.g. air travel, events and custom-made goods. Klarna Account The payment method for you who want to choose how much you pay each month. But Klarna account is more than that. In addition to always getting your goods home before you pay, you collect all your purchases in one account. This also applies if you have shopped in several different stores via the Klarna account. This means a single invoice, regardless of the number of purchases.
  • Always get the item home before you pay
  • Pay from SEK 50 / month or 1/24 of the total amount
  • You never have to give out card details
  • All your purchases are collected in one account and on an invoice
  • Shop now - pay at the end of next month
  • An avia fee of SEK 29, regardless of the number of purchases
  • You can pay the full amount at once at any time

For a purchase of SEK 10,000 with Klarna Account basic terms, the set-up fee is SEK 0. The current annual interest rate is 19.90%, which corresponds to an effective interest rate of 29.22%. The credit purchase price is SEK 11,458. The number of installments is 12 and each installment is SEK 955. The example assumes that repayment takes place over a period of one year. At the time of purchase, a credit check is performed, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. You will then receive a copy of the credit information by post. Read more about the conditions for Klarna here. For more information about Klarna, please use the following contact information: telephone 020-120 120 10 or on Klarnas website.



It is important for ANCI Sport to be able to offer secure payment options. Therefore, ANCI Sport uses a payment system developed to protect the Customer. All transactions made are sent via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and are encrypted, which provides very good security. To protect the Customer, ANCI Sport always reserves the right to check the validity of the card, that the debitable purchase price is available and the buyer's address information. For questions about security or payment methods, the Customer is welcome to contact us



When purchasing goods at ANCI Sport, the Customer always has a 14-day right of withdrawal in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. This means that the Customer has the right to cancel his purchase by notifying ANCI Sport within 14 days of the Customer or the Customer's representative receiving the ordered item (the withdrawal period). If the Customer wishes to cancel the purchase, the Customer must, before the withdrawal period has expired, send a clear and unambiguous message to ANCI Sport in the manner specified here. The customer must state his name, sin address and other relevant information, t.ex. order number, invoice number and name of the item in the message. If the above option for notification does not want to be used by the Customer, the Customer can use the standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal that the Swedish Consumer Agency has produced (see the following link: Regret form The Swedish Consumer Agency). When the Customer regrets his purchase, ANCI Sport pays back the amount that the Customer paid for the product. On the amount to be repaid, ANCI Sport has the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the product compared to the original value of the product, if and to the extent that such depreciation is due to the Customer having handled the product to a greater extent than necessary to determine its properties or function. ANCI Sport will refund the amount as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days from the date ANCI Sport received the Customer's notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal. However, ANCI Sport may wait with the refund until ANCI Sport has received the product or the Customer has shown that the product has been returned. The refund will be made to the Customer via the payment alternative that the Customer chose at the time of purchase, provided that nothing else has been agreed or that there are obstacles to such a refund.



In addition to the statutory right of withdrawal according to section 7, ANCI Sport also offers as an extra security 30 days of open purchase in accordance with the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions to take care of you as a Customer should you regret it. ANCI Sport offers 30 days open purchase for unused goods from the day the Customer received the goods / goods. When the Customer uses an open purchase, ANCI Sport pays back the amount that the Customer paid for the product. ANCI Sport will refund the amount as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days from the date ANCI Sport received the returned product if the Customer has returned the product via Postnord. The refund will then be made to the Customer via the payment alternative that the Customer chose at the time of purchase, provided that nothing else has been agreed or that there are obstacles to such a refund.



ANCI Sport guarantees that each shipment is examined before it is sent to the Customer. Should the product nevertheless be broken or faulty when it arrives at the Customer, the product can be complained about by contacting us immediately at Customers who wish to make a valid error in the ordered product must contact ANCI Sport as soon as possible after the error is discovered. Complaints made within two months of the Customer discovering the error are always considered to have been submitted on time. The customer has a 3-year right to make a complaint about goods purchased on the Website. In the event of complaints, ANCI Sport follows the General Complaints Board's guidelines and recommendations. More information is available at The Swedish Consumer Agency's website ›



ANCI Sport is responsible for the processing of the personal data that the Customer submits to ANCI Sport. The Customer's information is used to enable ANCI Sport to fulfill its obligations to the Customer, such as providing the Customer with good service, various marketing activities such as sending out new catalogs / brochures and offers that are adapted to the Customer. To achieve this, the Customer's information may need to be coordinated with other registers and submitted to other companies within the ANCI Sport Group and to ANCI Sport's partners and suppliers. ANCI Sport also documents the communication they have with the Customer in cases where the Customer makes a complaint, this to provide the service the Customer expects from ANCI Sport



ANCI Sport is part of ANCI Group AB, organization number 559315-3645 is registered with head office at Sjövallavägen, 352 59 Växjö with the board's seat in Kronoberg County, Växjö municipality. The main activity is wholesale of sports and leisure articles.