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Why was ANCI sport founded?

ANCI sport was founded in Växjö 2021 by Ivan Spoljaric, Växjö who was taken over by padel in a short time. 

I (Ivan) was introduced to paddle for the first time in 2019 and this at the paddle facility Lohilo Arena which made me immediately fall in love with the sport from day one and the first time they swung with the racket. Basically, I am a web developer where I have always had a dream to create an online store as I have the knowledge but never really knew in which area and which industry.

But when paddle came into one's life, it was pretty obvious that this is what the online store should revolve around, at first. The whole basic idea of ANCI sport is to always push prices and create a relationship with our customers. To be there for customers just like in a store digitally and always be able to offer a secure purchase both in terms of payment but also product that you feel safe with.

The experience in the online store should be simple, everything from finding your product to having easy and secure payment solutions. Deliveries from ANCI sport should always be fast, I always start from myself and you want your products you ordered and paid for as fast as possible. Our goal is to always send our orders the same day they arrive. With a wide range and a range that is constantly growing, we want to be able to offer something for everyone.

Do you have questions, thoughts or just want to talk a little paddle with us, we have our chat available to everyone whether you are a customer or love paddle!


Why shop at ANCI sports?

  • Assortment that is constantly growing with new brands
  • Customer service that is always ready for you via chat or email
  • Always fast delivery, 1-3 days
  • Free shipping over SEK 395
  • Always secure payment via Kort, Klarna, Apple Pay or Google Pay