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Babolat Reveal
Babolat Reveal
Babolat Reveal
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Babolat Reveal

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    Babolat Reveal is a racket that has been developed for beginners. If you are tired of renting the racket and feel that it is time to own one, Babolat Reveal is the perfect racket to start your paddle career with.

    Reveal has been equipped with an extra large sweetspot, which means that almost regardless of hit, you get a good ball hit and there is real speed on the ball. Babolat Reveal also has a low weight, which means that a "wrong turn" does not become stressful and risks injuries.

    The core of the racket consists of a softer fiberglass to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury, which can occur with the harder racket as a beginner.

    Trademark: Babolat

    Form: Around

    Frame profile: 38mm

    Player level: Beginner

    Weight: 345g

    Material: Fiberglass

    Balance: Average

    Color: White / Red

    Hitting surface: Fiberglass
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