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Grippygripz Greppgel
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Grippygripz Greppgel

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    Our grip enhancer for Padel means that you do not have sticky cloths or change the wrap as often as you do. It's a new era now where you get a really good grip on the racket every time you want it.

    Do you sometimes sweat on your hands? No problem! Our product both counteracts and prevents sweat.

    Better grip means better results when you play Padel. It can be both tedious and costly to change the wrap all the time. With GreppGel for Padel, you increase the grip strength and keep the sweat away. In association with SportScience In Sweden, many tests and with the help of a variety of paddle players, GrippyGripz has created a unique product that keeps your hands dry and gives you perfect grip.

    It contains alcohol with a high content, which protects against bacteria and also counteracts corona. You will notice a difference.

    In addition to better grip, it is also anti-bacterial, does not stain, does not dust and is easy to wash off. The bottle lasts a very long time, a bottle made entirely of recycled plastic.

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