Gymstick Core Twister Balansbräda
Gymstick Core Twister Balansbräda
Gymstick Core Twister Balansbräda
Gymstick Core Twister Balansbräda
  • SKU: AS-61126

Adidas Adipower 3.0 2021

249 kr

    Adidas Adipower 3.0 is a pure sequel to Adipower 2.0 which has several improvements and quickly became a favorite with many. With the help of Adidas' latest technology among paddle rackets, Adipower 3.0 is excellent for both power and control, but above all power.

    On the rack's hitting surface, Adidas has made it robust, which makes it easier to get a decisive screw on the ball but at the same time power in every stroke. The diamond shape on Adipower 3.0 means that the sweetspot is smaller, but when you get a full hit, it is almost guaranteed a win.

    If you play offensively and with power, Adipower 3.0 is clearly the right rack for you and Adidas has not skimped on material selection or technology with this rack.

    The inner core consists of EVA High Memory which has become increasingly common from Adidas and this with every right for the best and most secure comfort.

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