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Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022
Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022
Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022
Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022
Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022
Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022
Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022
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Nox AT10 Genius Attack 18K 2022

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    Nox has until the 2022 collection released a sequel to its most popular model AT10 Genius Attack 18K. This time, the Nox AT10 has been created and adapted to as many players as possible through and here we have a diamond-shaped racket with full focus on power thanks to its high balance.

    We find 18K in the name and this is for Nox chosen to use the carbon fiber material Carbon 18K, this means that the surface layer on the rack is made of carbon fiber with 18,000 carbon fiber threads per cm².  To compare with other rackets that have a bit like standard 3K which is a big difference. 

    New AT10 Genius is equipped with AVS system (anti-vibration system) they focus on damping vibrations and reducing damage that can occur. 

    Below the surface we find HR3 Core which is a "high memory-EVA" which should give better speed on the ball regardless of hit while the control is so good that the offensive game will not be difficult.

    If you are looking for a racket with sandpaper surface, the new AT10 Genius is the right choice and you can get a real spin on the ball.

    The grip on the AT10 Genius Attack is also longer and this is what Nox calls Oversized grip and is perfect for those who hold out far and would like a slightly longer grip that Nox now offers.

    Another novelty is that Nox has also equipped this model with a smart strap system that makes it easy to change the wrist cord if you want it more personal or just have it fresh. 

    Comes in a nice racket case from Nox with thermal protection.

    Trademark: Nox

    Form: Diamond

    Frame profile: 38mm

    Player level: Average

    Weight: 360-375g

    Material: Carbon fiber

    Balance: High

    Color: Black / Blue / Yellow

    Hitting surface: Carbon fiber
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