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Rätt grepp
Rätt grepp
Rätt grepp
Rätt grepp
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The right grip

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    Continental grip / Hammar grip. A grip that many coaches constantly talk about in paddle as in many sports you hold the racket in different ways and in paddle it is no different either. Hammer grip as it is popularly called is used to get the right technique of its kind but also to minimize injuries such as tennis / paddle elbow.

    This can be difficult to get used to, especially for people who come from other racquet sports.

    So you hold the racket like a hammer where the wrist is relatively straight and you only see the edge of the racket. This means that you get a stable blow regardless of the backhand as a forehand, which means that you do not have to change your grip and then gives less strain on the elbow tendon, which in turn reduces the risk of inflammation.

    RättGrepp is developed with advice from WPT players and coaches to act as a tool to create the "Hammargreppet" in a simple way.

    Fits all racks. RättGrepp fits all racks, regardless of whether you use Hesacore, X-grip or have several wraps around your handle.

    All ages. The product is adapted to fit all people regardless of age and only takes a few seconds to attach to their rack.

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