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Starvie Triton Pro 2021
Starvie Triton Pro 2021
Starvie Triton Pro 2021
Starvie Triton Pro 2021
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Starvie Triton Pro 2021

2 795 kr

    StarVie Triton Pro 2021 is a completely new model where you learned a lot from Starvie's previous models. Triton Pro is a better and more stable variant of regular Triton, more focus on power but still of high quality and the latest technology. Triton Pro is a drop-shaped racket with a high balance, which gives more focus on power than control. 

    The sweetspot sits high up, which is almost a must for a racket with a focus on power. On the impact surface, Starvie has used Full Plane Effect, which should give a good impact surface and feel.

    If you are an aggressive player who plays very offensively where you like to play on power, Triton Pro is a must!

    Trademark: StarVie

    Form: Drip

    Frame profile: 38mm

    Player level: Pro

    Weight: 350-385g

    Material: Carbon

    Balance: High

    Color: Black / Blue

    Hitting surface: Carbon fiber
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