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Tuboplus X3 Crystal
  • SKU: 30096

Tuboplus X3 Crystal

395 kr 495 kr

    The ball pressure is restored and maintained by creating air pressure in the container, which is higher than in the balls' internal air pressure, just like in a brand new ball tube.

    To always have the right pressure in the container, it also comes with a pump that will ensure the right pressure up to 45 PSI, so you have the balls under the right pressure immediately after play for a longer life of the balls.

    Tuboplus X3 Crystal is clearly the right choice to increase the life of your balls with some light means.

    Instructions for use

    1. Place the balls in the Tuboplus X3 Crystal and close the lid tightly.
    2. Use the supplied pump to pump in air until you reach the desired pressure. (See the attached table of recommended values for balls)
    3. The pressure is maintained until the next training or match.
    4. To take out the balls, carefully release the air and when the pressure is completely gone, you can safely take out the balls and start playing!
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